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1st CSR with Kulthorn Group

1st CSR with Kulthorn Group @ 23 April 2016

1st CSR with Kulthorn Group

The CSR Kulthorn Group activity in 2016 will set up 3 times in April, August and December. For the first time will responsibility by THACOM and Kulthorn Electric (KU) on Saturday 23' April 2016 at Wat Khai Lai at 9.00 AM. - 15.00 PM.

Project name :
Improve Wat Khai Lai Project
Place: Wat Khai Lai
Date: 23 April 2016
1. Playground
  • Adjust sand playground came down and flatten evenly.
  • Repair damaged fences and playground.
  • Paint fence and playground.
  • 2. Update sinks
  • Repair, replacement faucet water pipes to provide water for use.
  • 3. create art on the street (Table BBL) to enhance learning skills to children. 4. Bolt repair windows, fence, building terraces and mortar side of the first base side.